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"For me, a lot of healing comes from listening to music," says singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer Smith. At only 19, her music has resonated with so many. 2022’s "Fingers Crossed" and "Flowers," are both RIAA Certified Platinum singles that represent a rare voice in music. "I always tell people that the only reason I feel obligated to write is because I didn't have this song when I was sad. I feel like writing about it can help somebody else." Lauren Spencer Smith writes and sings from very personal places, but she does so in a way that is relatable to so many. These songs include deep reflection, processing, and analysis. "I enjoy going to therapy and talking about it. Once I have both sides, and I can be unbiased about it, I can write the best song." With over one billion streams globally, Lauren Spencer Smith is eager to share more of herself. Her upcoming debut album, Mirror, out July 14 via Island/Republic Records, promises depth, range, and narrative. As Mirror releases, Lauren will embark on a 42-date global headlining tour.

Lauren Spencer Smith's musical journey began in 2019. Lauren put her feelings to verse—something unusual for a student who preferred math and science to theater and performance. However, from remote Vancouver Island, the budding voice found an audience. "The fact that there was no place to go and nothing to do made me work so much harder," she admits. Smith demonstrated a keen ability to write a relatable breakup song or complex feelings about school, family, and friends. "All the breakup songs I knew were talking about what it feels like to go through it, but nothing that described the red flags, the things you missed," she explains. Tracks like "Always Remember Us This Way" and "All I Want" achieved tens of millions of streams. As each of Lauren's works connected, she eventually signed with Island / Republic Records. At the top of 2022, she delivered the monumentali, "Fingers Crossed," which peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100. "We were coming out of COVID; everybody was sad; it was a lot emotionally," she recalls. Events in Lauren Spencer Smith's life were much like what she saw on her timelines—breakups, confusion, anxiety. "Fingers Crossed" has reached over 350 million streams, including its video. Smith matched the momentum with "Flowers" and "Narcissist"—based on vivid milestone moments in relationships. By the end of the year, Lauren had performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the People's Choice Awards—where she was also a "Best New Artist" nominee. Apple Music crowned her one of "5 Breakthrough Artists Of 2022."

In 2023, Lauren Spencer Smith continues to show new sides of her world. "Best Friend Breakup" presents a song that resonates with almost anyone yet fills a creative void. "Fantasy" confronts toxic relationships as a collaboration with GAYLE and Em Beihold. With the recent release of “That Part,” Lauren created the quintessential love song of 2023. More standouts from Mirror include “Bigger Person,” which fans are eager to hear as Lauren has teased the song on her socials, and “Do It All Again,” a moving ballad that sees Lauren reflect on her life to date.

"The emotions of the album are crazy," she says of a collective of songs that tell a story filled with autobiographical ups and downs. "I went through a breakup, and by the album's end, you realize I'm happy." There are musical and lyrical surprises within that storyline, which has developed since Lauren first planned to share it over a year ago. The title is personal and deliberate. "What's something that would describe all of these emotions? The one thing in my life that's seen me in every emotion—sad, happy, angry, is my bedroom and bathroom mirror. Every time I look in the mirror, I go into deep reflective thought. I feel like everybody's mirror has seen sides of them that they don't think it has." Lauren reveals that she debuted selections from Mirror while touring, giving her fans an early glimpse. She considers songs like the personal "Bigger Person" and the cathartic closer "Do It All Again" among her best work ever. "I would relive everything that I've lived on this album to be where I am today," she says of the closer rooted in gratitude and positive energy. "'Cause everything happens for a reason."

Mirror arrives amid a season of growth and development. Smith is passionate about self-care, whether affirmation, therapy, or fitness. Lauren’s fans have come to know her as relatable, authentic, and wise beyond her years. She says her audience is just like her, relating together on overlapping experiences. Most of all, she insists on trusting her instincts and being authentic. "Every time I'm myself, it works out the best."