GRAMMY® Award Nominated Artists - and Brothers - Chris & Dan Brubeck have been making music together practically all their lives. Drummer Dan & Bassist, Trombonist & Composer Chris cut their first record together in 1966 -- nearly a half century ago. They've subsequently played a variety of styles in a number of different groups, as well as with their father, jazz giant Dave Brubeck, and with their own BRUBECK BROTHERS QUARTET. GRAMMY® Nominated Composer Chris Brubeck continues to distinguish himself as a creative force and multi-faceted performer on fretless bass, bass trombone & piano. An award-winning writer, he is clearly tuned into the pulse of contemporary music. GRAMMY® Nominated Drummer Dan Brubeck's drumming style is both mesmerizing and unparalleled, and his distinctive, and astonishingly textured drum solos have received standing ovations all over the world. His mastery of complex rhythms has led to his reputation as one of the most talented and creative drummer.

"The Brubeck Brothers Quartet attains that rarefied level where music is both relaxed and expressive, and their joy in its creation is contagious. There's really nothing out there that comes close to their unique brand of inventiveness," says ALL ABOUT JAZZ. "A composer with a real flair for lyrical melody - a 21st Century Lenny Bernstein," states the CHICAGO TRIBUNE (on Chris Brubeck).