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Alt-country rockers American Aquarium have recorded eight albums in as many years, establishing themselves as one of the genre's most prolific rising acts. The quality of the band's work matches its quantity, treating listeners to a creative hybrid sound that includes bittersweet slide guitar, sparse drumming, and the gnarled vocals of frontman BJ Barham. Whether they're playing slow-burning country tracks like "Jacksonville" or charging barnburners like "Burn.Flicker.Die", American Aquarium always delivers their unforgettable sets with a passion and authenticity that leave fans wanting more.


American Aquarium formed in Raleigh, NC, in 2006, taking their name from a lyric in the Wilco song "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart". The band released their debut album Antique Hearts the same year, building a strong local following with extensive regional touring. With 2008's The Bible and the Bottle LP and accompanying tour , they expanded their fanbase beyond their home state, racking up more than 250 shows in one year. Their profile continued to rise with a prolific recording and release schedule, which saw the band average an album per year since their formation. In 2012 they achieved a critical breakthrough with their seventh studio album Burn.Flicker.Die, an ambitious effort that earned effusive praise from American Songwriter for its finely crafted material. Seasoned performers known for their honest songwriting and slide guitar-heavy sound, American Aquarium continue to set the alt-country bar on their must-see tours.