Punk rock and heavy metal are often described as loud, fast-paced and aggressive in composition, but also made famous for a style that challenges the establishment and preconceived notion of what music can be. What could be more punk rock and heavy metal in the 21st century than BAND-MAID, an all-female Japanese rock group who cos-play as French maids and shred just as hard as metal legends like Metallica, Slayer or Mastodon? Find out for yourself when they visit your city for the BAND-MAID US TOUR 2022. The group will hit 14 cities over four weeks, including San Diego, Seattle, Dallas, Houston and more. Audience members rave about BAND-MAID's live performances, calling their high-octane music "incredible," and "epic." The rock group is known best for their 2018 album World Domination, which features popular singles like "Domination" and "Dice." The album reached No. 9 on the Japanese Oricon Albums chart. In 202, the group released the three-track EP Sense, which quickly garnered more than 3 million streams on Spotify. Catch BAND-MAID when on tour when they come to a city near you.

BAND-MAID Live in Concert

Self-described (and independently confirmed) as an "impossibly hard rocking, five-piece, all-female Japanese rock band," BAND-MAID formed in 2013 and has been rocking the stage and studio ever since. The group -- consisting of Miku (guitar and vocals), Saiki (lead vocals), Kanami (guitar), Akane (drums) and Misa (bass) -- thematically built their image on dressing in maid/anime costumes and calling their fans "masters" and "princesses." While their image combined with their fiery and aggressive sound create a contrasting style, they've compiled a massive following, both domestic and international. In 2015, they caught the attention of fans in Japan with their LP New Beginning, which charted at No. 64 on the Japanese Oricon Albums chart. They followed that up with 2016's Brand New Maid (which reached No. 19 on the charts) and an international tour in 2016. Other popular album releases include 2017's Just Bring It and World Domination the following year.