What is Veeps?

Veeps is a custom VIP packaging platform, making it easy to manage for artists and teams. The platform also offers communication tools so that artists can engage directly with their most valuable fans by text or email.

How much does Veeps cost?

Veeps retains 5% of the gross sales revenue attributed to the sale of the artist's packages as a commission.

How does Veeps make money?

Veeps charges consumers a 10% service fee for each package purchase sold as well as a 5% commission of gross sales revenue from artists to cover standard processing charges.

How does Veeps verify artists?

To create an account, artists must connect with Twitter to be verified.

What are the requirements for creating a VIP package?

Artists can create as many VIP packages as they want at no cost. VIP packages can be applied to single events or across multiple dates within a tour.

Can VIP packages include tickets to a show or event?

If an artist wishes to include ticketing to an event as part of a VIP package, then the artist’s agent must advance the ticket. When creating the VIP package, the artist must add a note that the VIP package includes a ticket, otherwise users will be notified that they must purchase a ticket to the event separately.

How does an artist get paid from sales on Veeps?

Artists are able to connect a bank account on the management dashboard and can choose to cash out after each event or at the end of each tour.

How do Veeps messaging tools work?

Veeps has a mission to bring artists closer to their fans. Veeps offers a free messaging service and communication management platform for artists and managers to connect with fans who buy VIP tickets on Veeps. These messages can be sent in the form of email and/or text and can include a photo.

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